Suita mladim / Suite to the Youth

Suite to the Youth – for 4 C flutes

Price: 17 eur + shipping

Suite to the Youth for 4 C flutes is a joyful quartet for aspiring young flute players.

“Wonderfully tuneful Pucihar”
Blaz Pucihar is rapidly growing in popularity because he writes wonderfully tuneful music. This Suite of four short pieces is typical of his writing. Each movement has a completely different character, from a happy and bubbling ‘A Wish Came True’ to the wistful ‘I Remember…’. ‘Russian Winter is a mournful A minor 6/8, and ‘Play’ is rhythmic with a slow middle section. The material is fairly equally divided between the parts so the standard is even throughout. I can guarantee that this will appeal to players of all ages!
Chris Hankin ( staff member)

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